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This is the page of Russian family from Rostov-on-Don. You can see our home, sweet home, which we are building just now. But our virtual home is ready and you are welcome!



Our news:

30 september 2002
After summer holydays at Urals we put new photos in our family album.

15 may 2002
We have grown up. Our site has grown up too. So we've decided to change the design of it. Check after summer holydays.

7 january 2002
Now you can see a beautiful painting-the collection of Shebunyaev "The Don river".

28 august 2001
Our "awfull" home page has been shown on all-Rusian TV, on TV6, the progpamm called "Net"! Cool!

15 may 2001
We add Egor`s collection.

24 february 2001
Egor`s page "Travel notes" became the winner of "The history of civilizations" competition. You can place your congratulations in the page "Travel notes".

1 january 2001
Happy new year! We have just passed to the new millenium. What does it bring to us?

5 december 2000
Daria adds Daria`s fairy tales collection.

1 november 2000
Our family page have been done at last!

"We always have a glass of wine and a piece of mutton ready for anyone who will accept our company."George Washington (paraphrased)

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